Former Outdoor Lab Staff

From its inception by visionary founder Dr. Phoebe Hall Knipling, who was a science teacher and science supervisor for Arlington Public Schools, the Outdoor Lab has benefitted from the boundless energy, creativity and knowledge of its staff, directors and administrators. We thank all those employees who have worked for the Outdoor Lab!

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ODL Coordinator (Administrator)end 2024?
Dr Dat LeAPS Science Supervisor2012-2023
Chris ReidAPS Science Admin Assistantdate -2023
Clare McLeanODL Camp Assistant Director; Lab Assistant2010-2023
Anthony AdamovichODL Lab Assistant; Camp Chef1991-2023
Yvonne DangerfieldODL Administrator (first ODL on-site Administrator)May-July 2022
Michele KarnbachODL Director/Teacher; Lab Assistant2019-2022; 2005-2010
Christine PayackODL Director/Teacher2016-2019
Kate SydneyODL Assistant Director/Teacher2018-2019
Neil HeinekampODL Director1996-2018
Connie SkeltonAPS Science Supervisordate -2012
Ken LeinbachODL Director1989-1995
Don ______APS Science Supervisor1975-1992
Doug HunsuckerODL Director (first ODL on-site Staffer)1978-1989
Dr. Phoebe Hall KniplingODL Founder, 
APS Science Supervisor, 
AOEA Founder,
AOEA Board of Directors