Volunteer Projects

Here are some of the projects completed by Volunteers at the Outdoor Lab.

Open House Volunteers (Individuals & Groups)

Individuals, scout troops and summer camp staff have all volunteered to help with the Outdoor Lab Open Houses.  Volunteers help in setup and cleanup for the event and help visitors, often the families of APS students, learn and explore the Outdoor Lab.  From fishing help like baiting hooks and releasing fish, to boating help like getting into life jackets and boarding safely.

Volunteers helped make these popular events in Spring and Fall even better.

Native Plant Project

Thanks to a donation from the Rock Spring Garden Club, The AOEA was able to purchase native plants to improve the ecology at the Outdoor Lab.  Merrifield Garden Center supplied the plants at a discount and Lab Staff and AOEA volunteers planted them in suitable locations.

Thanks to the Rock Spring Garden Club, Merrifield Garden Center, the AOEA volunteers and the Outdoor Lab Staff!

Trail & Grounds Projects (Summer Camp Staff Volunteers)

Due to COVID 19, the Outdoor Lab Summer Camp was cancelled for 2020.  But the Summer Camp staff yearned to work at the Lab and continue the improvements they had done during previous Summer Camps.  The Camp Staff Volunteers were skilled in trail maintenance and landscaping improvements.   They also moved a vintage ODL sign, cleared ditches, added rip rap to our dam drain, and sourced poles for our Native American Tipi.

Thanks to the Volunteer Camp staffers who worked so hard even with Summer Camp cancelled.  It was amazing how much they accomplished!

Bat Box Project (Eagle Scout)

More Info coming soon